Canon Pixma Pro 10s - clogged nozzles

Sep 23, 2017
My Canon Pixma Pro 10s has started to print with bands of ink missing and also smudging / spattering the ink around the edges of whatever image / fonts it is printing. I have taken it to a printer repair shop and they informed me it is most likely a clogged / partially clogged nozzle (only does it on the Magenta colour though). They were going to try and clean the print head but on closer inspection found the ink ports are an oval shape not round like most other printers and so none of their printer cleaning kits work with it. I ended up taking it home unserviced and still with the same problem.

I have searched the Internet for a cleaning kit specifically for the 10s given it has unusual oval-shaped ink port but can't seem to find one anywhere (I am in the UK, maybe one is available in other countries though?). Has anyone ever done a self-clean on a 10s or another printer with similar oval ink ports? There are plenty of home cleaning kits with round tubes to fit round ink ports but I can't see anything with a suitable oval shape.


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