Canon Pixma Pro 10s manual feed issue

Sep 23, 2017
About a week ago I sold my 18 month old Canon Pixma Pro 10s to someone who wants to use it to print on art-type canvas. He contacted me this morning saying although the front tray works fine, he can't get it to print via the manual feed at the rear. He says he's following the right process but keeps getting a "no paper is loaded" error message.

Before I sold him the printer I checked it worked from the front loader but must admit I forgot to check the manual feed, although I have used it before about 6 months ago to print on art canvas and it was fine.

Does have anyone have any ideas? I had to drive 2 hours (4 there and back) to deliver him the printer so hoping it's not actually broken as I'll need to go pick it up!

Thanks in advance :)

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