Canon PIXMA MG5750 - paper feed blocked by protruding arm

May 24, 2019
Hello everyone,

sorry if the problem was already described somewhere, but a quick search in google for feed problems or paper jamming because of a stuck lever did not show anything promising.

I am trying to help someone fixing his printer. The problem is that every time the printer prepares for printing it will make a single loud click. After that the arm shown on the picture will become blocked by a little lever pushing it from the back. I can pull the lever back and then print one page. After that the lever goes down again this time without the loud clicking sound.

I removed the side covers to try to see what kind of mechanism is there, but the internals are not easily visible. It seems I have to remove more components to see what is rotating this lever. Before doing that I thought that perhaps some experienced a similar problem.


  • locked arm.jpg
    locked arm.jpg
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