Canon I9900 ink issues

Nov 14, 2009
In Aug. 2006 we bought an I9900 because of its extra width capability. We had to replace the printing head on warranty after 7 months due to clogged/non-functioning nozzels. We use refill ink from Atlantic Ink. Canon ink was tried after the onset of problems but the troubles persisted. The second print-head is still working but it takes a tremendous amount of time and ink to keep the thing printing properly. It seem that keeping the power on all the time and printing a test page everyday helps a lot. Even with that I am convinced that the ink seeps into the wast tank when not in use. Sometimes the ink from one color seeps into an adjacent tank! This makes for a very bad picture. I would guess that 10% of the ink we bought actually ends up on print jobs, the rest - test pages and wast tank. I took apart the entire printer and washed out the vacuum pump under the print head dock but it helped nothing. The wast tank sponge was a-wash with ink. I try to do as much "test pages" as needed to clear the print-head of clogs and mixed colors to save the waste tank from overuse.

I just wonder if other people have the same troubles or did I just end up with a lemon? Any suggestions as to what I can try.

Thanks in advance

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