Canon IP7250 Leaving roller marks on discs

Oct 11, 2015

We use 2 Canon IP7250 printers purely for printing on to discs for our business. Its not a major part of the business which is why so far we have not paid out for a premium disc producer.

However after a months use, and maybe 500+ discs printed on each printer the rollers inside the printer are leaving marks on the top of the discs, especially id the disc has a smooth surface like the Traxdata Inkjet CDs.

I can see why this is happening, as the little white rollers inside are not going black with either ink residue or dirt collecting inside the printer.

My question is this, what is the best way to either clean or prevent the rollers from leaving marks on the discs?

My thought was to somehow remove the two centre rollers inside the printer, so then the rollers would only roll on the tray and not the CD, obviously this will void the warranty, but I'm not to concerned as the printers are cheapish anyway.

Or is there a product that I can buy/use that cleans the rollers inside?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks :)

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