Canon Laser printer glossy paper problem

Mar 22, 2018
Canon i-SENSYS LBP611Cn
I have had this Laser printer for a while now but have never printed on Gloss paper with it before.
I am really confused because although the specs on the Canon site seem to mention Gloss paper as one of the types it prints onto how do you select that?

This is also confusing because i read some where that you cannot use Glossy paper that is for an Ink jet printer, In yet the Gloss paper i have states on the packaging its for Laser and Inkjet printing.
Anyway the prints that come out on the gloss paper are clear in detail but arrive in an almost Matt finish never gloss?

I have tried to look through the on line manual but cannot find anything that answers how do i print on Gloss Paper, also does the prints come out Glossy or is there another process.
Any help please.

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