Canon LBP7200c laser printer leaving marks

Dec 2, 2011
Hi, I’m new to this forum, I came across it online and I wonder if anybody has any advice for me.

I have a Canon LBP7200c laser printer (under a year old) a few weeks ago it began leaving lines when printing, running from dark colours and worse when printing an image. It is always on the same areas of the page, in particular the bottom edge of the page.

As I had recently replaced the black toner cartridge and it is a model which have drum and toner combined I thought it was likely a faulty toner. We spoke to the company who supplied it, posted it to them and they inserted in their printer and it was fine. The engineer said there was some dust on it but didn’t think that was the actual problem. It was posted back to us today however when we printed a page it is leaving exactly the same line!

It’s still within its guarantee and has not been heavily used, I could contact the supplier but I know that will take ages to go through the returns process, if it’s something simple I would rather just sort it.

I have run the cleaning programme from the properties box, both of them.

I have attached a snippet of a page so you can see what I’m talking about; it is a bit darker in real life.

Any ideas gratefully received.



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