Canon LaserBase MF5730 network setup in 2023

Nov 9, 2023

I have been asked to configure the Canon LaserBase MF5730 printer in a community center where several people will be accessing it from different computers. Please let me make sure that I understand a few things correctly and ask some follow up questions.

1) If the printer is connected to a router and there is no print server, the drivers must be installed on every computer that will be accessing the printer separately?

2) If there is a print server, the drivers are installed on the print server and other computers are connecting to the print server using a standard driver built in the operating system?

3) Could the print server run Linux? I have much more experience with Linux administration than with Windows. I understand that the CARPS printers were historically considered WinPrinters, but I found a seemingly functional Linux driver here: Can I use that for the print server?

Thank you very much!


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