Canon MP640 ink consumption

Aug 29, 2010
Hello everybody, I have a Canon MP640 printer. It gives me good scans and picture quality, but what worries me is the ink consumption. The printer takes minutes to start up and before almost every picture it needs to "prepare" for one or two minutes. I did some research and apparently the printer engages in a purge program to prevent the printhead from clogging. I already learned to leave the printer plugged in into a powered socket to prevent it from starting an even heavier purge program.
I use refill ink from with the original Canon cartridges that came with the printer; I have disabled the ink monitoring obviously.
So. it's original Canon cartridges with original Canon chips and non-Canon ink. I believe the printer cannot tell what brand of ink is in the cartridges (it could even be water), so the only deviation from standard operation is the disabled ink monitoring. It looks like I'm being punished for turning of the ink monitoring.
This morning, I topped off all cartridges. I have printed 11 photos size 5"x7", with a "preparation" cycle for almost each photo. I just checked the cartridges and the ink level has dropped to 20%. Is this normal? Yhis would imply I can print 15-20 size 5"x7" with a set of catridges.
The only thing that prevents me from discarding this printer is the fact that I still have a supply of ink for it (but it won't last long at this rate).

Am I doing something wrong here, or is this normal?

Any tips and advise will be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

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