Canon Pixma E560 scan head.

Jul 3, 2024
Newbie here, I have a canon pixma E560.
It was placed too long in sunlight when I moved and was one of the last things to be carried out of the spare bedroom and set up.
On first use the scan head did its start up test and ripped the FFC scan head cable that was flapping about because the sun had melted the glue!
Long stort short, I took top off and double sided it however the head seems to have gone out of sync or something it moves the wrong way & hits the end of track it does not go to the other end and back as normal. I've tried to place it in the middle to see if it park's properly.
Is there install data/park position to reset it to?
I also ordered a new cable even thought there were no breaks after its fight with the scan head.
Any help, thoughts or places I can go to get it going would be great.

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