Advice on long-term strategy for business currently using Canon Pixma Pro 100s

Sep 23, 2017
Hello all,

I currently run a small business in my spare time making custom Lego stickers and have x2 Canon Pixma Pro 100s printers. Because Lego bricks are specific colours I have had a company create custom ICC profiles that for my combination of (refill) inks, vinyl sticker material and printer, the colours I print exactly match the colour I need for the Lego bricks. The feature is pretty much vital to my business as my customers expect the colours to match.

I currently have two 100s printers that are working fine, plus x2 spare print heads (intending to buy some more soon just in case!). I also understand that the Pro 200s also uses the same printhead as the 100s so *in theory* the printheads should be around for a while yet. But at *some* point the printers I have will break and there won't be any workable ones left to buy, or the printheads won't be available, or some other reason why I can't use these printers any more.

I want to get ahead of the game before that happens and ask people's advice as to what I should do. The main issue for me is the quality of the print (excellent with the Pro100s) and the specific colours. I have literally thousands of files of artwork so I can't realistically go through them all and change the digital artwork to match a new printer with a different print profile, what I need to be able to do is when I HAVE to get a new printer, to be able to adapt it so it prints the exact same colour profile that my current 100s setup does.

I need advice on the best way to do this and is it even possible? Since I had custom ICC profiles created already for my current set-up, I would assume there is the expertise out there that could create a profile that would replicate the current colour output with my current setup.

Also would it be worth just stocking up on the current 100s printheads just in case? I do not know how long they last for if unopened up I would expect realistically many years? Price is an issue at the moment - the only reliable supplier I can find in the UK that sells genuine Canon ones is charging £180 per printhead now!). Given they are also used for the 200s I would think they will keep producing them but it won't be forever (anyone got a lead on when production is likely to stop?)

Anyway, my main concern in about how I would maintain the quality of printing I get from the 100s and how I would replicate the existing colour profile / output without having to redraw all the artwork. :)

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