Epson XP-8700 power /sleep settings advice

Feb 4, 2023
Am long term user of Epson printers and the XP-8700 is another good one but would appreciate some advice. Am sure my previous one used to turn itself off when not in use but this doesn't appear to do that. I have read the manual and also gone into basic settings on the printer. I don't ever remember touching such settings in previous models.

On this new model:
The Auto power On - is OFF currently,
Power off settings (power off if inactive) - is OFF,
Power off if discontinued - is ON.
Sleep Timer is selected as 3 mins.

with these settings I have to remember to press the power off button at the end of the day but now I read that turning the machine on and off can damage or lesson the life of the heads so that's got me wondering what is the best course of action please? I do find understanding such settings to be confusing...too much like a double negative. It's an age thing.

Thank you

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