Nozzle check Epson XP-342: black color always missing the exact same segments

Jan 28, 2023

My Epson XP-342 is not printing correctly since a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I perform a nozzle check and print a test page, the color segments are perfectly fine but the black are always missing the exact same segments. In fact, if I print over the same printed test again, the black missing segments are still there.

I cleaned the heads thoroughly with a cleaning solution using a siringe and placing a blotting paper below the heads, until no more black ink was coming out from the head and the blotting paper was just absorbing the cleaning solution. I even let the solution in place for the whole night. I tried using both Epson original cartridges and compatible ones, but always the same exact segments are missing. I already wasted like a couple of cartridges doing that.

Lastly, I thought that the problem could be related to the electrical contacts, so I cleaned them with an air spray, but once again, after several nozzle auto cleanings, nothing changed.

Does anybody know what's the problem of my printer?

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