Advice uninstalling and re-installing Epson driver and software

Dec 29, 2023

I'm on Mac and have a LAN connected Epson SC-P700 since May 2020. Until a month or two ago I was running Mac OS Catalina and used Epson Print Layout to print my black & white A3+ photos. Everything worked fine. And then I upgraded my system to Mac OS Monterey. Since then I'm experiencing a lot of issues with Epson Print Layout and Epson Media Installer.

I didn't notice at first but when I wanted to print on Epson Traditional Photo Paper last week I noticed that the paper profile was no longer listed under Media Type in Epson Print Layout. As a matter of fact quite a lot of paper profiles were missing.

So I opened Epson Media Installer to re-install the missing profiles but according to EMI all the available Epson paper profiles were downloaded and registered. And in fact they are because I can select them on the lcd-screen of the printer and I can choose them in the print dialogue of Photoshop. But not in Epson Print Layout. And when I run ColorSync Utility it does find all the profiles on my system that are missing in EPL.

To cut a long story short I've been trying to re-install the missing profiles to EPL for over week now, all to no effect. On top of that the relationship between the SC-P700, Epson Print Layout and Epson Media Installer is seriously damaged. Every single time I do something in EMI I get a message that the program needs to install a utility. When I enter my pasword and click ok, the Mac loses contact with the SC-P700 and I have to re-add the printer in System Preferences > Printers and scanners. And the newly added printer only has the same limited amount of paper profiles I'm with stuck since upgrading to Monterey.

I have spent so much time in trying to solve the issue that I'm completely fed up. I even rebooted my Mac from a SuperDuper clone I created on a external HD before upgrading to Monterey to make sure the profiles were there in EPL at that time. And indeed they were (and still are).

Now I'm seriously considering completely uninstalling all my Epson stuff and start all over from scratch. Only I'm a little reluctant to do so since I have a big printing job ahead and I have no experience with uninstalling printer drivers and printer software. So, I'd like to know what things to be aware of. Any advice is very much welcome.

Thank you very much.
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