Need advice on printing small pictures

Nov 30, 2020
For several years I have been using a very good Brother Laser printer, but when I started getting serious about printing my pictures realized that a Laser isn't that great. So I did some research and eventually purchased an Epson photo printer. Here's my issue: When I click "print" and select the laser, I have the ability to print one 8.5x11 or two 5X7 or even several smaller pics all on the same sheet of paper. On my Epson I can only print one pic - any size - on one sheet of paper. So if I print a 5X7 on an 8.5X11 I must cut it out and waste the rest of the paper. We all know that photo paper isn't cheap! I called Epson about this and was told the printer isn't capable of doing more than one photo per page. This just doesn't seem right. Comments please.

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