Advice Needed Pls. - HP LaserJet 4350

Sep 23, 2015
Hi everyone! I'm glad to join the community.

I have an HP LaserJet 4350 and are having issues with the print quality. It intermittently leaves black marks on random parts of printouts and at times, prints ghost text.

I have already replaced the toner and I am weary to replace the fuser since it's still at 81%. May I please ask for some pointers on what to look for or should I proceed to order a maintenance kit to replace the fuser?

Thank you in advance!
Sep 27, 2015
Since you have changed the toner cartridge you answered your own question, the next thing in line is the fuser.
Do a half test, this is performed by, putting paper into tray 1, once the paper is half way in lift the cover you will see toner onto the paper before the paper reaches the paper this is why the its called the half test, if the printing is satisfactory before getting to the fuser then your fuser needs to be replaced, the fuser can have issues with the compound grease that gives the sleeve lubrication if the is not enough on the heating element, that can cause issues like your telling us, is this the original fuser? what is your page count?

My money is on the fuser, your described typical fuser issues.
Change the paper brand if you want but sorry your fuser sounds its shot.

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