Printer advice needed!

Feb 17, 2012
Hey all, new user here, signed up because I find myself in a quandary:
I've just been offered a new Samsung SCX4828FN laser printer for £63, literally a fifth of what it retailed for 3 years ago when it was introduced! It doesn't have Wi Fi (which is a minor inconvenience), and it's a monochrome of course (colour would've been nice but I can live without it), but I still think it's a great bargain.

My main concern is this: would the printer's age make it hard/expensive to find replacement toner cartridges for it? Cause if yes that kinda negates the main bonus of having a laser printer for me, the lower running costs.

At that price range the alternatives to this printer that I'm considering are a pair of inkjet all-in-ones, the Epson Stylus SX445w and the HP Officejet 6500A.

So, which of the three would you all go for?
Feb 8, 2012
Not familiar with that particular printer, but if it's really that old, then you should expect to face a bit of trouble when looking for some cartridges for it. It might be better asking the seller yourself, though.

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