Brother HL-2140 Printing Toner Streaks/Tones Entire Page - Advice Needed


Dec 1, 2015
Greetings -

I have a Brother HL-2140 that has been pretty good for a few years, but has started to jam a bit. Part of my problem is I always forget how to remove the toner assembly. Although it is easy, I never seem to remove it enough to remember how to do easily. As a result, I do get a little rough with it from frustration.

Recently it has been printing with dense toner streaks down the right margin around 1" from the edge. Additionally, the paper prints with a gray tone over the entire page; obviously something is wonky. Will a new toner fix that? Or a new drum? Also, there seems to be a roller behind the toner assembly, did manage to that muck that up?

Any advice? A sincere thanks for any help.
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