Need a cheap printer for my low use scenario (Samsung ML-1660 vs Brother HL-2140?)

Aug 14, 2010

I need a printer because I'd like to print out directions (google maps) or single pages of text from time to time. I think I'd print about 10 pages each month. I don't really care about print quality as long as it is readable. I also don't really care about speed or noise or looks. What I care about is a low initial price and and low operating costs. I want to use it as long as possible (5 years or more). Toner/drum/cartridge should last as long as possible under my specific use case. I figured laser printers are the way to go. Is this correct? Low power consumption and a real power switch (or really low standby power usage) would be nice too.

Two printers I've made out so far: The Samsung ML-1660 and the Brother HL-2140. Is any of these recommendable to me? What else would meet my criteria?

Thanks for any help with this!

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