Need cheaper toner but still good quality.

Jul 11, 2020
Hi, I need both black toner and colour sets toner for photocopiers and laser printers. I own a barage but my current pet project is a Phaser 7800. It is meant for color correct graphics output (even though I paid very little for it the printer was originally 10,000 dollars and very precise with color accuracy)

So, I want toner that will be comparable if not equal to the tolerance of the original color accuracy, but I just can't afford the xerox toner which at 30% coverage works out to about 75 cents a page for just toner (not operating costs and paper)

If necessary I will sacrifice some of the colour accuracy for now, just to get some use out of the beast before I invest any serious cash into it, but I don't want anything that will actually damage the laser printer.

Also, I need a drum because it is missing the yellow drum completely…I can't even rebuild it cause it is just not there at all. ANy sources of reliable but cheap drums? Also, very slight chance but I might be able to track down the original drum cartridge if someone knows a good source of just the refurbishing parts. Thanks so much for assistance given in advance.

P.S. for black and white I need the following substitutes: Lexmark x850e toner and also for Samsung 8128 toner and consumables including the transfer unit and fuser unit, and the drum…and again thank you in advance.

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