I got a new old printer ... need some insight .

Oct 20, 2020
I just bought a brand new Epson WT 7720 to replace my old HP 8620 AIO.

I was torn between getting the Epson WT 7720 and the new WF-7840. I was intrigued by the new features and smaller footprint of the WF-7840 but then I noticed the bold warning on Epson’s website “Designed for use exclusively with Epson cartridges”. Now, I know that all printer manufacturers will give you the impression that your printer will die if you don’t use their ink, but for some reason, I think there’s some other layer manufacturing that was set in place to avoid third party inks ..... so I got the WT 7720 instead.

My old HP was a victim of an over the air firmware update that made it difficult to recognize third party cartridges D this me a little gun shy about updates. So when setting up my Epson WF 7720, I opted not to update any firmware. I connected the printer to my home network via WIFi and did nothing else. A few hours later I noticed that the PCs in my house all listed the new Epson as an available printer along with my existing printers. I did not install any software on these machines because I wanted to explore the printer in its standalone state ... is this normal? Should I even install the drivers?

Right now I’m on Firmware version FA13JC
Is there anything I should know about this printer. Any ester eggs to find or known issues to expect?
What is the best Ink for this unit?
How often should I be renting to avoid clogs? And is there an app that would automatically cause the printer to print something at a scheduled time to keep my cartridges from drying out?
Any little tit bit helps.

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