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Jan 23, 2010
i wanna buy a printer with good quality. anyone could gimme me some tips on how to choose a suitable and easy-to-use printer coz im a completerly new operator of printer. dont know too much about it.
Feb 8, 2010
Well, you've got to start by what you need in a printer, and here's some easy questions you've gotta anwser before you even look for a printer:

1) How much are you going to print per month? 100 pages, 1,000 pages, 10,000 plus?
2) Color or Black and white?
3) Do you need to print a lot of double sided stuff?
4) What size paper are you going to be using? Letter (8.5x11, A4, 11x17, Envelope, ext)
5) Do you need to just print, or will you need to copy/scan/fax/ect?

If you can answer those questions, you might get some good responses. Also, another guy suggested this website to me, and I suggest you try it as well. Do a search for Printware, go to Printware's website, and use the printer search tool.

Good luck
Apr 6, 2010
You should probably take into account how much the ink costs aswell, you may end up spending a printer for 40£/$ and then having to spend the same again on ink when you run out.

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