Canon Pixma (MG3250) all in one printer Err code 6 (not printing)

Jan 5, 2021
Hi all

I have a canon pixma (MG3250) all in one printer, thing is the cartridges ran out in the summer so decided to purchase a black ink cartridge only no colour.

Prior to this the number (6) was flashing on the small display on the printer itself. I replaced the printer cartridge yesterday and to my amazement the printer isn't printing and the err code 6 is still flashing when I'm quite sure it should have a stationary (1) displayed.

I was also wondering whether both cartridges should be replaced its just a hunch but don't see why in order for it to print, I have referred to the manual and changed my settings to print grayscale in the printer options but this hasn't worked.

One thing I forgot to mention is that there are two small amber led lights on the printer just below the display for colour or black notification, the colour one is flashing which I sure tells the user the cartridge has run out of ink, is there anyway to change this to black.

I hope someone can offer me some help if they have a similar model and had the same problem. Oh went to the canon website before posting this thread wasn't much help.

Many thanks

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