Strange zig-zags printing... brand new Canon Pixma ip8750 HELP!

Dec 16, 2020
Hello, I got myself the Canon Pixma Ip8750 a few weeks ago as an early Christmas gift to myself for a small business I am setting up. The designs i am trying to print are high quality PDF's which I am printing in best quality on Canon pixma photo paper which was supplied with the printer as a sample. When I print the designs certain letters are getting these "zig zags" or lines around them or between the text. Like little Z shapes joining up from one letter to the next. These lines aren't a part of the design or font so I'm confused what's happening. I've opened the printer and blown inside to make sure theres no residue or dust getting in the way but it hasn't helped.

Since it's brand new the ink cartridges are full so it shouldn't be an ink issue. It is almost as though it is dragging when it prints, it almost looks like a smudge but it's the same shape on every page i've printed, and only appears on certain letters of the font. I've tried on a standard card type 220gsm paper and it does the same thing. Standard printing paper it doesn't happen, but I need to be able to print it on photo paper. Can anyone help? Thank you!


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