Ricoh MP C3003 - Strange pattern when printing


May 11, 2018

Working for a little non-profit organization in Sweden, where comic artists can print their fanzines for a small fee.
Being non-profit we can't afford the best printers, but Ricoh assured us we would get a decent quality on our prints and rented us a refurbished Ricoh MP C3003.

Well, we don't know if the fault is with us or with the printer, but the printer prints a kind of pixelated, very visible, pattern. I believe it's the "natural CMYK-pattern", but much more noticeable. We don't print lower than 300 dpi/ppi so the fault is in the files.



We've been trying to try different settings, printing from PCL-drivers and PS-drivers, playing around with color profiles, but no luck.

Is the printing quality this bad on a c3003, is there a setting we haven't tried, or is something wrong with the printer, or is the fault our own?

Thank you beforehand!

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