Canon Pixma MG3650 - frequent duplex printing problem

Feb 19, 2022
I've had this printer for about 4 years - and it's excellent. It's still in excellent working order. Foolishly, I've never ever used compatible cartridges, only genuine Canon ones.
In the last year or so, when I'm in duplex printing mode (which, frankly, is pretty much all the time), the printer responds audibly to the print request, then seems to start printing and then there's nothing. The printer status bar says it's printing. Then up comes this error message:

Support Code : 1003 Paper has run out. 1. Load paper into the front tray. Insert the paper completely to the end of the front tray. Align the paper guides with the edges of the paper. 2. Press the printer's Start button.

But it hasn't run out of paper - and neither is there a Start button on this model!
I'm using a Mac, always with the latest OS
I've switched everything off (computer and printer) and restarted. Sometimes that works, at others it doesn't.
I've removed the printer software and reinstalled it. That sometimes works first time, then the problem returns.
Any solutions gratefully received. I've thought about buying a new printer - but this one works so well, apart from duplex

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