Canon Pixma MG6120 CD/DVD Printing

Feb 17, 2011
Hello everyone.

I just bought a new printer last night.
It's not going to arrive for a couple days, but I thought I'd get started early.
It's a Cannon Pixma MG6120 all-in-one.

I read somewhere that the 5120, 6120, and 8120 can print directly onto cd/dvd,
(with an extra cd tray that needs to be purchased off ebay)
but this option has been disabled for the USA.
It only works on the Euro line.
There IS however a way to enable it, I just need to figure out how.
I was wondering if any of you have done this yet, and could explain the process,
or if maybe someone has found a driver to enable this feature on the USA models.

This would be a nice feature to have, so I hope someone has figured it out. :)
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