Canon Pixma MG6450 Prints Blurry/Faded

Sep 18, 2020
Hi All

Had this printer since 2014. It was used every so often up until 2018 when it’s not been used for around 2 years, up until now.

I have cleaned the printer head thoroughly, put fresh inks in, carried out all the cleaning options and changed the print settings to matte and HQ, but to no avail. The printer still prints like the attached.

Does anyone have any further tips? Any opinions would be appreciated. Cheers


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Dec 6, 2020
If you put fresh ink into an existing cartridge, it's possible that you have congealed, really gooey old ink in there and even particles that are blocking the new ink as it tries to get through the printhead. I have found pigment ink the most likely to do this. If you use the printer very rarely the problem is almost guaranteed to happen. The gunk needs to be persuaded to come out of the cartridge. Warm, not hot, water, preferably filtered or ionised, is best. Cartridges differ but the principle is the same. You need to flush the cartridge out completely and to blow the old crud right out as you dilute it until the sponge is back to white. There are lots of videos on Youtube for this, but you may have to get very dirty before you see results. Don't worry. It is claimed (!) that printer ink is non toxic. Once I'd thoroughly unclogged the offending cartridge, the printed image was just about perfectly aligned too, so the muck must have been diverting the ink jet way off target.
Feb 20, 2022
My mg6450 doesn’t print in normal mode anymore. I have done the cleaning programs and there are no error codes. But when I print the document as a photo it works but not on plain paper setting. the test page only prints the logo but the rest of the page is empty. I am using AirPrint. Anyone has had this problem.?

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