Canon PIXMA (MX922) vs Brother MFCJ485DW

Discussion in 'Printer Discussion' started by chobo2, Jan 30, 2017.

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    Jan 30, 2017
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    I had a hp envy 5530 printer that broke and I am looking for a new printer. I already bought the Brother MFCJ485DW but I am now having second thoughts about it as for some reason I thought the ink cartage number was 103 when it actually is 203.

    When looking at I find it hard to find many sellers of generic ink and the ones I do it is about $5 CDN per cartridge, what is not bad but I am more worried as the cartridges seem to be chip enable and the fact their are not many sellers right now that maybe in a year I will be left buying genuine ink.

    So I am not sure if I should return it and buy the Canon Pixma(MX922) as the generic ink has a ton more of sellers, does not seem to be chip enabled and like $2.5 cartridge

    The MX922 does seem to be an older printer from 2013 but seems to be still fully supported, where the brother one seems to be newer

    Other than that I think they can do the same things?

    I got the brother one sale, so if I do return the Pixma will be about $20 more.

    I also don't want to deal with filling the cartridges, I had a brother printer before that I just bought prefilled cartridges of amazon and the quality of the ink was good enough for my needs(printing mostly documents) and the printer lasted 8 years of heavy printing.
    chobo2, Jan 30, 2017
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