Canon Pixma Pro 100s - "yellow jello" issue

Sep 23, 2017
I have been using a Canon Pixma Pro 100s for a couple of years now to print custom posters, stickers etc that I sell as a serious hobby. I switched from the OEM inks almost straight away to using inks from a company called OctoInk (I'm in the UK). I didn't clean out the ink cartridges first, I just started using the replacement inks with the still-ink-soaked sponges of the original Canon cartridges. Over the last 2 years everything seems to have gone well.

About a week ago I bought a back-up printer, another Canon Pixma Pro 100s. It currently still has the original OEM cartridges from Canon, about 1/2 full as the previous owner didn't use it much. I was going to use the same method and just wait until the Canon inks report empty, make holes in the top and top-up using the third party inks.

I have recently being told about the potential "yellow jello" effect that mixing the original OEM inks with third party inks can have. This is a phenomenon where the inks aren't compatible and cause the mixed inks to partially solidly and form clumps, having potentially disastrous result on the print head (i.e. knackering it completely and requiring you to buy a new one). I wasn't aware of this problem when I bought my first printed, I just topped up all the original cartridges with the third party ink without cleaning them first. I never noticed any issues at all with is this a real problem??? If so how likely is it, and what should I do? Do I need to clean the print head as well as the cartridge? The cartridge clean is maybe not so bad, but the whole printhead in considerably harder as I'd have to soak it in cleaning fluid, wash it through, rinse it, dry etc. Not an impossible take but a potentially lengthy one!

Advice appreciated. :)

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