Canon Pro-1000 - Yellow and Photo Grey ceased printing

Jul 20, 2021

I have had a Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-1000 for just over a year with little trouble. However, yesterday the printer suddenly ceased printing the colour yellow despite the cartridge being near full. I did a nozzle check, which showed a lot of breakages in the yellow grid, and so performed two head cleans. Another nozzle check showed that the issue had gotten worse. After a deep head clean, the problem was even worse. After a full system clean, the problem actually seemed to be fixed and I was able to print a full colour image. However shortly after, the yellow disappeared completely and does not even show anything on the nozzle check.

In the same day, the Photo Grey also completely ceased working, and so I am unable to print images despite the fact that my business relies on this on a daily basis.

I have tried replacing with brand new genuine Canon cartridges, but even though the printer recognises them as being installed correctly, they just won't print these two colours any more.

I have been on the phone to Canon support and there is nothing they can suggest over the phone. They have told me that they will arrange a repairman to take a look but that the process could take 7-10 days, which would be disastrous for my business.

I cannot find any similar problems experienced by other users online, so I am completely baffled by this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I do not expect a £1000 printer to cease working in the space of just a year!

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