Canon Pixma Pro 100s - paper abrasion setting

Sep 23, 2017
My Canon Pixma Pro 100s suddenly started leaving a black smudge on the trailing edge of the page when printing, always in the middle and always about the same size / amount of ink. I've tried running the bottom plate cleaning and roller cleaning cycles several times but it didn't solve the problem (made no difference basically).

I've turned on the the Prevent Paper Abrasion option in Custom Settings, and this seems to have solved the problem. In the settings though it says that this option can affect the print quality, but to be honest I've put printouts with and without this option activated next to each other and I can't see any difference in quality.

My understanding of the Prevent Paper Abrasion option is that it moves the print head slightly further away from the paper. So I'm wondering if there's a downside to this that I'm not seeing? If the print quality looks the same and it seems to have solved the problem, is there any reason not to use it? Am I doing some long-term damage to my printer by leaving it on?

TIA :)

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