ICC profiles for Canon Pixma Pro 100s for non-pro software

Sep 23, 2017
Hi all,

I've been having problems getting the output of my Canon Pixma Pro 100s to match what's on my monitor (which has been calibrated so it's not that). I've found a UK based company that will make a custom ICC profile based on a print out that you send them. However the design software I tend to use is Inkscape, which I don't think has colour management options that are anything like as advanced as Photoshop + similar.

I also design vinyl stickers, print them and cut them on a vinyl sticker cutter. The software for this (Sure Cuts a Lot by Craft Edge) definitely doesn't have anything like advanced options for colour management, it just prints through the driver.

My question therefore is: can I use the driver for the Canon Pro 100s to colour manage the prints using a custom ICC profile? I have found something that looks promising in the Canon driver software: going to Main > Color/Intensity to Manual then Set > Matching > ICM...this looks like it allows you to select ICC profiles from a list rather than having to go through specific software.

Further question: does anyone else use Inkscape and am I right in thinking it doesn't really have colour management? I can't seem to find it if it does, and if you use it how do you get around the lack of management options?

TIA :)

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