Canon Pro10s error b200 and 1403


Aug 16, 2021

we own a Canon Pro10s. It's been lately very unstable. We had to reset it using the following;
1. Unplugged the printer

2. Held the power button down for 30 seconds

3. Plugged in power cable (then turned power bar on, to be safe), but continued to hold down power button for another 30 seconds

4. Released power button, power light was solid white (no blinking), and went through some process on its own for 3 minutes or so

5. Power button stayed lit solid white, then I printed a document as a test (slow printing, but then this is for pictures; the doc was just a printing test).
It did work for a couple weeks.

Now i can't reset it even more. I've cleaned all the pins and connections of the printerhead. But no luck.
I might need an new printerhead but 180 Euro's is alot if it dont work.

You guys have any suggestions??
Jan 9, 2023
How did you remove the cartridges and/or printhead? Mine is stuck at parking position with no response to the long button pressing for cartridge/printhead replacement.

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