Canon Pro9000 question regarding the 8 colors

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This printer uses 8 colors (C/M/Y/K + Red / Green / Light Cyan / Light Magenta). Does it use ALL the colors, ALWAYS, when printing? or depends on printing modes? (like photo quality paper / normal paper / high resolution) etc? Does it use only CMYK for normal paper? and the photo cyan/photo magenta + red + green on photo quality papers?

In comparison my Canon IX6810 uses 5 colors, CMY+K for normal paper even in high resolution, but uses CMY+PGK (the other black ink and nozzles instead) for high resolution papers, I wonder if the Pro9000 does a similar switching. Why? because:

1. Cartridges for this model are difficult to find.
2. Refilling and chip resetting is possible, but light magenta and light cyan are not available locally as refill ink.

I know I could eventually find out testing refilling these special colors, like putting black on them one by one, but that's too much of a mess and cleaning. The cartridges are old (but still work, the printer prints perfectly) and I want to take care of the print head so no risks. The only special colors sold locally are for Epson, original and generic Epson ink but their printheads are piezo, not thermal, so I won't take any risk. In case you are wondering why the effort with such old printer, it's because it really prints great even by today standards (and 13x19"), works great so I want to keep it.

Any Pro9000 owners? I will appreciate your experience here, thanks in advance.

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