Canon TS8020 print quality issues

Dec 23, 2021
Hello all,

have a Canon TS8020 that has suddenly started acting up. Recently the colors started printing oddly. Sometimes the color variations occur in streaking blocks, sometimes I get sort of like swipe marks. Even when printing a black and white image I get odd colors, like suddenly it switches to a brownish-orange, or in one odd case it started alternating between black, orange, blur and red. I use Ink Owl replaceable cartridges which are clear so I know its not a lack of ink in the cartridge. I've used the clean function on just about every part of the printer from print head, bottom plate, rollers and so on, even cleaning multiple times to clear possible nozzle clogs. I'm now at a loss where to go from here so am looking for any help or suggestion. Included are a couple of photos showing examples of image quality issues.

Thank you!



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