Change Brother HL-2360DW from wireless to Ethernet

Mar 12, 2021
Our Brother HL-2360DW printer has long been available to the several Win10 computers on our Verizon FiOS wireless home network, albeit not without occasional annoying problems. We have a new G1100 FiOS router, which is located just a few feet from the printer. I would now like to connect the printer (which has an Ethernet port) directly to the router via Ethernet instead of WI-fi. Sure, it's easy enough to plug in the Ethernet cable - I have several lying around. But so far I can find nothing in the printer's documentation or Win10 application about what settings I would have to change, or just how to do it. Can someone give me some guidance, and/or point me to one or more links or pages with specific instructions? Thanks in advance.
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