Changed I.P. address on Lexmark XS792, but change hasn't stuck!

Jul 30, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I have just changed the Static I.P. Address on a Lexmark XS792 Printer, and despite the fact that it shows a new I.P. address under the "Lexmark Product Heading", it is only accessible through a browser using the old I.P. address. The illustration below explains my predicament -

wub web www .

In order to change the I.P. address I performed the following tasks -

1). Logged into the old I.P. address using a web browser
2). Clicked on Settings
3). Clicked on Network / Ports (under the "Other Settings" heading)
4). Clicked on TCP/IP
5). Clicked on Set Static I.P. Address
6). Entered the new I.P. Address
7). Saved the new settings

Even though no errors were reported by the printer, and it appears to have accepted the new I.P. address if I try to log onto the printer using the new address the browser simply times out. I then use the old I.P. address to connect without issue.

If anybody knows how to fix this issue can you please let me know?

Kind Regards,



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