CLX-3180 printing problem even after changing image unit

Jan 11, 2018
Hello everybody,

I'm a new user in this forum; I'm not very expert like others in printer but I use them regularly and I try to improve my knowledge on them.
For professional reasons me and my wife have had a home printer for the last 5 years; however, we're not very good at fixing them, so we've already changed a couple of times (we buy them used).

At the moment we have a CLX-3180: we purchased it (used) more than one year ago and at first it worked very nicely, but over the last month we've had problems with the printing. The printing is very irregular, with some areas poorly printed and other almost fine (see pics).
I tried cleaning all the image unit: it worked for some printing works, then very quickly it reverted to what it was.
So I decided to buy a refurbished image unit CLT-R407 ( ): it came with a new toner waste tank so I replaced it too. Result: some pages very good, then again the same abnoxious problem!!!

I really don't know what to control/fix next. Any suggestion for getting the printer to work again?




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