Connect All-in-one Wired Printer to Wireless Network

May 31, 2011

THis is my first post

I have a HP Officejet 6500A All-in-One Printer which is capable of connecting to the network but has no wireless function. I connected it to my wireless router via RJ-45, and I want to acces it from my laptops via Wireless on the router. At the moment the HP Software can't detect the printer on the network on the laptops and hence, I can't use the scan functionality.

I can, however, use the XP's "Add Printer" function to add the printer, and it prints perfectly. I have no issues on wired computers connected to the same router. The HP software on those computers can detect the printer and I can use all of its functionality.

The laptops are windows XP and the two wired computers are XP and Win 7. The printer and computers are all connected to the same wireless capable router. I tried ping on the laptops and I din't get any timeout error. The firewalls are all disabled.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem. It is a brand new printer



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