Considering purchasing QL-570; wondering about continuous printing

Feb 7, 2011
I am considering purchasing a QL-570 label printer, and am wondering if there is any possible way, using freeware or programs from Office 2010, to make it work in the following scenario (I don't know, it might by default):

I have an automatically-generated HTML- or WordML- (whichever is more convenient) format receipt, the QL-570, and a roll of 2.1-inch-wide non-adhesive continuous paper for it. Needless to say, I wish to print the receipt. The catch is that I need to do so from the Windows command line, and that the file can be of various lengths (because customers can buy various numbers of items. I need the printer to cut the file (with its automagical cutter) after all the lines have printed.

The problem here is with the varied heights. I don't know how the printer behaves with multiple pages, and with the methods I've found, the pages can't vary in height. I know that one could hook up an old parallel printer to a scanner and use it as a copier, without the scanner knowing how tall the source document will be.

I hope somebody can help; the issue is very un-urgent, as it is in planning for a two-day sale 18 months in the future.

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