Cropped 5x7 prints - G1220 Megatank - Mac

Oct 15, 2022
This looks like an interesting place for all my Canon printer questions .... thanks.

I have a G1220 MegaTank printer-only rig using a Macbook pro on OS10.15 Catalina. I realize that there is no official "Canon driver" for this and I need use the dreaded "Airprint" driver (even though the printer does not support a WiFi connection). I am now frustrated trying to print to 5x7" paper. If I ask it to print a properly formatted file (1500x2100px) it comes out of the printer with unbalanced margins and the image is cropped and is too small. The "Scale to Fit” or "Print Entire Image" button doesn't seem to work at all.

The only work-around is to create a slightly larger "custom" paper size, turn off "Scale to fit" in "Paper Handling" and play around with getting the scaling and the custom paper size so it will not crop the photo and still give me the right physical size of the image. (The margins are still uneven.) Maybe it has something to do with the non-printable margins.

Any suggestions? .... anyone else using the Airprint driver with this situation?

BTW - what is the point of having to select the paper size with buttons on the printer? (There is no 5x7 option). It doesn't seem to matter what I do with those - what exactly do they do?

Thanks for your help.

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