Dell 1720dn Jams When Printing Duplex

Aug 13, 2020
I have an old Dell laser printer that has run reliably enough for me to keep around, especially since today's printers are made at a lower quality.

The problem that I've had with it for years however, is that always jams when printing duplex. This happened ever since the right side flap broke off. Back then, the printer would flash the "remove output" light after just two sheets which required getting up to lift the flap and reset the flap and get it to pull the sheet back in and finish the other side. Not knowing better, I broke off the flap hoping that it would stop the issue.

Ever since then, the printer will "jam" while printing duplex. It will print the second page fine but then when it's pulling the sheet back, it stops and the paper jam light comes on.

I'd hate to throw out what's otherwise a great printer, and I'm betting that the solution is simple I just don't know it. Any suggestions?

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