Dell E525w toner clip

Dec 2, 2019
I have a Dell E525W laser printer and in the toner compartment, there is a small black plastic clip the slides back and forth via a spring when you insert and remove the toner cartridge. Its a clip that fits over the cylinder shaped nozzle at the bottom of the toner cartridge and it has an arc to it. That clip makes sure the gear wheel on the toner cartridge and the gear wheel on the printer are aligned properly, if that clip is not there the 2 gears will not align with each other and it will make noise and the printer will think there is no toner cartridge inserted. The problem is the clip to one of the cartridge bays was taken off and misplaced. I either need the part number, name of the clip or a parts diagram that shows that small clip so I can see about getting another one. Thank you.

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