different trays from same word document

Oct 9, 2017
hi there

i've been looking for a solution for this issue quite for some time - like many others - but couldn't solve the problem.

we're using an hp laserjet p3015 with hp laserjet p3011/3015 pcl6 class driver with
1 manual feeder
1 internal tray
1 additional tray

we're using a word template to print out invoices. within this word template, we're using the standard function to assign different trays to different sections within the document (page setup - paper).

e.g. page 1 of shall be printed via tray 2 ("apply to: this section" has been chosen), page 2 via tray 3 ("apply to: this section" has been chosen).

unfortunately, all sheets are taken from the same tray: the tray which has been defined in the first section of the document - regardless whether it's tray 2 or 3 - overwrites somehow the tray settings for the 2nd section and all sheets are taken from the tray of the first section. it doesn't matter if tray 2 or 3 has been chosen for the first section.

any idea regarding this issue?



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