Printer Profiles not creating uniform colour across different printers

Feb 20, 2020
Hey, I run several Epson printers. I have some 7900s, 7890s, 7880s, and 7800s. I create my own colour profiles using my i1 Profiler but I create my profiles the prints look fine but they don't match colours across printers. I would assume that the colours then should be uniform across all of the printers that are using the same inks and the same paper that have been profiled (by the same device). For my purposes, at the minute it doesn't matter too much as the prints look good but I do want to start to work with photography and more artists in which case getting colour accuracy is going to be more important.

Just for notes I'm also using Qimage to print through and I'm managing the profiles through there. I have my profiles turned off on the printer drivers and turned on in Qimage, the papers are selected as the same type across all drivers and I have the same speed settings and black point compensation settings across them as well.

Any thoughts would be really helpful! Or if you can point me to any learning resources too that would be handy no doubt!

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