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Jul 13, 2011
How to Install Printer Drivers Without a Disc?

* 1 Determine the type of printer you have. If you've misplaced your printer's manual, you can locate the make and model of your printer by looking on the printer itself.

* 2 Know what operating system you're running on your computer. To find your operating system, go to "My Computer," then "View System Information."

* 3 Locate your printer manufacturer's website by searching for the name of your printer in a search engine. Adding the word "driver" to your search can aid in finding the specific page with one search.

* 4 Download your printer's driver and install your printer. To do this, after the driver has downloaded, plug in your printer and through your computer's "Control Panel," go into "Printers and Other Hardware."

* 5 Restart your computer.

* 6 Print a test page to make sure your printer is working. In "Printers and Other Hardware," view your installed printers and "Right Click" on the printer you're interested in. Go to "Properties" to find "Print Test Page."

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