Drivers for Xerox Vivagrafx Xpress Model 36256

Jan 28, 2012
I was given this printer as a donation to help with one of the charitable organizations we support. I realize this equipment is old and out dated but the machine had very limited usage and is in excellent condition. It will most certainly meet our modest means for signage at our local charity events. In addition to the printer, a local sign company donated a software called PosterPrint complete w/ dongle. Another company donated a workstation in which I have successfully installed the SCSI card and got the OS to recognize the printer, just no drivers to tell it what its found.

I received no drivers with the printer and after a month of scouring the internet I have come up empty handed looking for Vivagrafx Xpress SCSI device drivers. I have contacted Xerox support team but I got the typical corporate run around for 2 weeks which ending up in the answer; "We'll support you if you buy a new $$$$ machine from us instead".

If any one could provide us with the drivers, a link to download them or information on how to obtain them I would be grateful.

Thanking you in advance.


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