oki C331dn drivers

Jun 14, 2014
I used to have this printer set up with two drivers = PCL and PS. At some point in W10s updating the PS icon disappeared from the devices & printers window = also the printers & devices window. I can't tell if this is a new "function" of W10, a bug, or that PS driver is no longer supported. When printing a graphic business card, it does not look as good as it did the last time I printed them and I can no longer adjust the color quality == which I think was available under the PS driver. But it has been a while so I am not sure.
The icon does appear in the print menus but the driver is PLC6 Class Driver 2 and If I try to change it using the OKI drivers I just downloaded, it comes up not supported. The OKI document re supported drivers is not clear either.
How can I get my color adjustments back???????

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