end of my rope... canon i960 color woes

Dec 25, 2010
I joined only to see if I could find a solution as to why my prints are not correct color-wise when printing to the glossy paper (yes, I've tried both profiles - photo paper pro and photo paper pro glossy). When I print the same pic to PLAIN paper, the colors are correct.

I have tried letting photoshop manage color, printer manage color, I even hired some gnomes to manage the color and each test produced the same results. It cannot be the ink cartridges as the plain paper print looked just like it should. I'm using Canon ink, btw and yes, they are plenty full. It cannot be a calibration issue as the print on plain paper looked correct. I am guessing SOMEWHERE down deep in the guts of this crap, a profile is not working or corrupt or something.

Now, the result seems to be either too much cyan/yellow (the pic seems to lean toward too much green) or not enough magenta in there to cancel that green. Bottom line, the color is screwed on glossy paper no matter what settings I set. which is really weird. But more weird is when I added a hue/saturation layer in PS and bumped up the reds by shifting the hue to a more purple area, it STILL printed out too green and that rather blew my mind.

I used an example I found online using my printer and photoshop. same results.

Can anyone help me figure this out? I really need to get my glossy prints to work because I'm going to need to print ref photos for a painting I'm going to do and the color/values must be exact.

I THOUGHT I had bought the glossy paper (it looks damn glossy to me) but neither photo paper profile made any difference.



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